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Peppermint Tea Tree and Colostrum - Moisturising Balm - Parry Soap

Peppermint, Tea Tree & Colostrum Moisturising Balm

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A soothing, healing, moisturising balm for sensitive and itchy skin. Peppermint scent. Helpful for Psoriasis and eczema. 100% natural ingredients 

Designed for daily use after washing with Parry soap.

  • Totally natural moisturiser

  • Approximately 48 grams

  • Attractive glass jar

  • Good for all skin types

We use natural Taranaki beeswax taken from hives close to the native forests of our mountain and pristine pastures by our local beekeeper, pure virgin Fijian coconut oil, avocado, and several other oils from New Zealand, our bovine colostrum from our family farm,  plant material, essential and fragrance oil, Buy now with confidence.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Bev Page
Natural Peppermint Balm

An amazing product that I have used before. Great for spotty skin, small abrasions and cuts.

Juliana Y
Fantastic Product

Very nourishing. Currently using it on my face and on my baby bump to help with sensitive skin and minor itchiness.

Claire Hamilton
Peppermint tea tree colostrum balm

Lovely to use on face and dry skin spots

Helen Hignett
Peppermint balm

Hands can go display again as they have never looked or felt sooo good.

Priscilla Tarr
Peppermint and colostrum moisturiser

Wow what a great moisturiser for your face leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft. It really is nourishing with the colostrum over all your face. Nutrition plus plus!

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