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Great product and personal service!

The soap range is great, the handwritten note from John really highlights the quality of the people who are behind this stuff!

Love Parry Soaps

Just love Parry soaps which is why I keep coming back! Best soaps ever and I am a soap enthusiast. Thanks for making them.

Peaches and cream

This is such a lovely moisturizer
I love ordering from Parrys the service is great and the personal message thats in the order is such a lovely touch.

Super favourite!

This is my favourite soap that i have tried from this range so far. It just smells so delicious and leaves the bathroom smelling like coconut ice also! Really gentle on the skin too and leaves it soft and coconut-icey!

Lovely soap

This soap is just delicious-smelling and leaves your skin really soft. I love it! :)

Love how my skin feels after showering

WOW! My skin smells great and feels all tingly after showering. Just LOVE this soap

Great on my Psoriasis

Smooth and silky... my psoriasis certainly improved when I began to use this soap.. cannot recommend this soap highly enough!

Scandalously amazing

Scandalous was my introduction to Parry's now I will not use any other soap!

My favourite soap

I love this soap, it's gentle but very cleansing, the use of various herbal combinations add to the quality and uniqueness. The scents are amazing! The price is reasonable and the customer service also excellent and thoughtful. Just love purchasing from this company for all those reasons.
Regarding this particular blend I was motivated to try as my daughter had developed an allergic rash on her torso and arms from a super chemically bubble bath and it was lasting quite a while and evolving due to her itching it constantly. I had her use the Parry Peppermint Tea & Ginseng barsoap and within a few days it was cleared up and hasn't come back. Recommend. Thank you!


Our family loves Parry Soap products! my daughter suffers from very bad eczema on her arms and legs and this balm combined with the soap does a lot to relieve her itchiness and help keep her skin soothed! Just purchased the peppermint combination and will be giving this a good go as well.

Rose and Chamomile

Love this soap, rich and creamy with a gorgeous subtle scent.

Peppermint Tea tree and Ginseng

A great shampoo for your scalp to help with itchiness and gives it a great clean.

5 star rating on this beautiful soap

Very happy...

I have had dry facial skin for 30+ years. Used every product on the shelf. For the first time my skin feels smooth at the end of the day. The product goes on slightly greasy but soaks in after a few minutes leaving a nice smooth feel.

Thank you for the quick delivery of my last order; I love your soaps and have given one to a friend to try. As they last a good while I won't be placing another order at the moment.

Yummy Soaps

Delighted to find Parry Soaps. Nice and gentle on my sensitive skin, and they smell great.

Parry soaps

So far I have only used Scandalous and love it. I also bought peppermint, tea tree & Ginseng for my grandson who suffers with eczema and sensitive skin, which was fine for him and for washing his hair. I have given away other soaps to family and friends - a marvelous gift! Love the fragrance of the soap in the bathroom and the soaps stored in the hot water cupboard. No hesitation in recommending Parry Soaps to others.

Great soap

This soap has a lovely scent that is not too overpowering and is just perfect really. It is super gentle and leaves your skin looking great! I am allergic to some soaps, but no problems with the few different Parry's bars i have tried. A great product :)

Lovely soaps will definitely be ordering more. Many thanks

Lovely soaps will definitely get more

Excellent product

My hands feel so soft using this balm

With my job I have to wash my hands very frequently, and they tend to get chapped and dry. The balm really soothes and softens, I'm really happy with it.

Smells amazing

I love this soap along with my favourite Coconut Ice. I've tried around 5 different soaps from Parrys and love them all.
These are the only soaps which have stopped my itchy skin. Ive tried other natural soaps but nothing compares.
They smell amazing and I never get dry skin after using them.

The best, most gentle, long lasting soap!

Smells great,
Lasts ages
Moisturising AND mildly exfoliating
Why use anything else?

Smells divine

This is just one of my favorites. The texture gives a fulfilling wash and I always come away feeling and smelling delicious! Highly recommend to everyone.