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Customer reviews

We value the feedback of our customers and strive to maintain the quality product they desire. Below are reviews placed by valued customers who have emailed in to us as well as after-purchases from our website. Our Facebook page (found here), is a great source of feedback too!

- Hi there, I would like to add a comment in regard to your Kawakawa soap. I am a keen gardener and had started to have minor allergic reactions to certain plants (not quite sure which ones - but possibly Wandering Willy) which caused me to come out in itchy welts on my arms each time I went into the garden. On John's advice I tried washing in his Kawakawa soap prior to going into the garden, and then again when I had finished.The results were pretty much instant - no more annoying welts and even insect bites are soothed by soaping up with this lovely Kawakawa based, nicely perfumed soap. An added bonus is that despite heavy usage for 6 months now I still have the majority of the bar left. I totally recommend this product - I wouldn't be without it! Cheers – Jd

- I am so totally impressed with your service!  I came across your stall at the Palmerston North women's expo and bought a coconut ice soap and you gave me a little sample too. I got them both out the other week to use and quite like so thought I'd try a couple more. Thank you ever so much for the extra soap, super fast delivery and follow up email, your service is impeccable and probably my best experience of internet shopping. Thank you again and have a great weekend.- Sarah

- Just wanted to say a massive thanks. I got some recently at the Tauranga women's expo and will definitely be buying more soon. The difference after one use was actually incredible I wish I had taken before and after photos, even my husband was amazed. Crazy how much having a solution to skin issues can change your whole mindset. Happiest customer ever. - Kel

- I was given one of your soaps as a gift about a month ago, I started using it without even thinking what it was made of then after about a week or so I noticed my skin improved, I didn't get any breakouts on my back and shoulders and my previous acne scaring had started fading. Im convinced it must have been the soap as I had not changed anything else. So I'm now hooked, so thank you. I will keep using this and see what other amazing results I get from it. Thanks again - Julz

- These soaps are perfection. They smell delish and are made with nothing but natural ingredients and love - Phoebe.

- I had the pleasure of meeting Mr.Parry himself at his cute lil set up at Middlemore hospital last Friday. I got the coconut ice soap and the pineapple soap. Truly they awaken your senses when your tired and run down. It works wonders to remove makeup from your face as I'm a makeup artist I'm constantly looking for sensitive products to use. Tonight I used them to clean my makeup brushes. They smell so good and the bristles are so soft - Awhina.

- Thank you for spending time and effort in making these beautiful soap. We now use them for body washing, for hair washing and face cleansing. They work a wonder on my babies skin and i can see their eczema has almost gone. Keep up the great work - Ruby.

- I purchase soap from you guys at the Ohakune carrot carnival for my eczema and it was awesome. Can I purchase some more please? - Amy.

- I was recently in Auckland and was lucky enough to purchase some of your wonderful soap. I’m now back in Melbourne and I wanted to order some more bars of the Peppermint, Tea Tree & Ginseng - Oliver.

- I was at the night markets a couple of weeks ago and bought some of your soap and absolutely loved it! Helped keep my skin so clear! - Jamie.

- Didn’t know about Parry Soap initially but as a result of using it I found it was silky & had all the benefits of using soap without causing any dryness to the skin. And it smells really nice. The best thing about it was that I can use it daily without any drying effects. Dry skin has been an issue in the past, I used to use French milled soap because I like soap, but I had to combat the effects of this with moisturisers and oils and these would seem to sit on the skin and wouldn’t absorb. I also used soap free cleansers but these smelt chemically and my skin would still be scaley throughout the day. They have a nice scent, there are lots of varieties, and offer natural exfoliation. There is one negative about the soap… Everybody wants to steal it off me! - Mary.

- I wasn’t able to see/smell it first. I’m a touchy feely sort of person. Buying online is not an issue as I do this all the time. As a result of using Parry Soap our skin was more moisturised and less dry. The kids eczema cleared up and they didn’t scratch as much. My hubby didn’t have to use shaving gel – he just used the soap and he didn’t get any nasty side effects like he would if he’d used ‘normal’ soap. The way it smelled, plus the way  it left my skin feeling healthy. No added chemicals. Locally made with premium ingredients. I would totally recommend Parry soap because it’s all my family uses now. I know it’s good for my kids and their precious skin. We run a business and I’m going to be using these soaps as our corporate gifts this year. Our clients will be very impressed with these soaps. - Arna.

- My name is Willie and I suffer from psoriasis, then I met John Parry the soap man. He told me to try this soap, I said ok. I was ready to try anything because of the itch and the red scars, too afraid to wear shorts, after 2 months here's the difference. Back in shorts, red scars nearly gone and no longer any itching. Smiling again, many thanks John - Willie.

- The soaps arrived today, thank you so much for the extra Pohutakawa one! I first discovered your soap at the Coatsville Market, I absolutely love soap, and yours is the nicest New Zealand made one I have found, so I thought I should stock up since I had run out. Kindest Regards, Helen

- These soaps are like pieces of heaven on my skin – Fay

- Hi there, Good friends of mine introduced your soaps to me over the long weekend while they were visiting us. I tried your peppermint and tee tree soap on my face and it feels amazing and already has helped with acne inflammation. Thanks heaps, Kaila

- My Name is Amy and I am from Tauranga. On mothers day I was up in Auckland visiting friends and we came across the market in Takapuna, and came across your soap stall. Being mothers Day, I was looking for something to buy as a gift for my mother and I bought her one of your Pohutakawa soaps.(She absolutely loves it, so thank you!).

- I have struggled with acne since I was 13 (now 17), and tried every means known to man to clear it up; cleansers, creams and even medicine, but to no avail. My acne has always had a huge impact on my confidence, and with no method seeming to ease it at all, I have always been hesitant to go out and enjoy life with friends and family. After trying almost everything to clear it up, I'll be honest,I was a little skeptical that your soap could make an improvement on my teenage skin.

- So, I would like to say a huge thank you for your generosity that day in giving me those little extra tester pieces because you have given me my confidence back. It might not seem like much, but your small act of kindness has impacted me greatly. So, thank you very much. Rachel

- I bought your soaps at a Whangamata fair last year and find it excellent for my dermatitis on my hands- hence my reorder. As yet, I haven't tied the chai turmeric but will send you feedback when I do – Jane

- I love the soap especially the kawakawa and also the oat one, i purchased them from a store in Hawera and have enjoyed your product since. Tari

- We bought your soap at the Karori Lions Fair a month ago and the soap is lovely. It has helped with our eczema and psoriasis skin and it smells wonderful. Actually my girls choose some soap at the fair and haven't been overly impressed with me using it in the shower - so some of the blocks are just for their rooms to smell nice :). Rachel 

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My new favourite :-)

I'm besotted!

This is a luxurious soap! Smells good enough to eat and leaves my skin soft and feeling moisturiser. I'm besotted, it's a winner!


Will be gifted to friends in Australia for Christmas

One of my favorites!

Love the smell & gentle on my sensitive skin. This is my second purchase, as it's one of my favorites.

Rich & creamy lather, beautiful smell

I really like this soap, smells great and gentle on skin. Will buy again.

amazing soap

Loved this and smelt amazing! I have eczema and it has helped to clear it up :)


Very smoothing on sunburn

Lovely Product

The scent is beautiful and this balm has wonderful moisturising qualities

Another great product

I am really enjoying this balm. I’ve had problematic skin for a long time and it’s definitely looking clearer already.

Beautiful real cleansing soap!*

Fantastic soap!-did everything it said it would and more!

Great soaps!-highly reccomend these to everyone suffering from irritated skin!

Best soap

Lovely lavender scent, not too strong. Beautiful quality soap and great if you have dry skin.


Nice scent and not too overpowering. The best soap around!

Great product

This bar has a great design and scent, would make a lovely gift.

Best soap

The first Parry soap I ever bought on Mr. Parry’s recommendation at Coatesville Market - I’m so thankful I took his advice as it’s helped SO much with my sore/parched/itchy hands! A small thing but it’s really changed my everyday life. Great quality soap and leaves a moisture film on your skin which really restores moisture to dry skin. Highly recommended.

The best soap

Love this soap - feels so nice on the skin and smells great too. Really gentle and non irritating. I received an extra bar with my order as well which was lovely. Thank you.

Lovely fragrance, one of my favourites parry soaps. Amazing product and great service too.

Favourite scent

My favourite parry soap scent, lovely and floral without being overwhelming. Amazing product, it has been the best thing for my painfully dry and itchy hands and I wouldn’t use any other soap these days. So happy I found your product!

Super soaps and super customer service love it


Fabulous soap

My partner uses this as he gets itchy skin. Also uses it for shaving.
He thinks its an awesome product. Smells great too

Great product. Thanks

The soap smells really good. Love it.


Great soap. Appreciated the extra soap added; reason given was due to delivery delay. Probably normal delivery time as we do live in Australia. Still appreciate the kind gesture.

Refreshing minty odour

Very nice soap, love the smell!

Highly Recommended

I have been fortunate enough to trial-test Natural Kawakawa & Colostrum - Moisturising Balm for Parry Soap Co.with great success. I'm prone to eczema (particularly in winter) and found this product to be a very useful preventative. I also suffer from niggling sweat-rashes and found this natural product helpful when the rash was present and also as a preventative