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Kawakawa kelp and comfrey soap

I bought this soap for the soothing properties and it certainly delivers. I suffer from psoriasis so am very grateful for the relief. Thank you very much.

Brilliant Soaps

We first got introduced to these soaps at our local school gala and am I glad we tried them! After years of searching for some relief from dry itchy skin, these soaps certainly provide relief and last for ages great product and value for money! We were also thrilled that with our first online purchase we received a complimentary soap with our order absolutely wonderful service!

As a healing foot balm

I use this balm on my feet, in no time at all they have gone from dry with cracked heals to completely healed! I absolutely love this product and am covered for life! Cant recommend enough!

Lovely soap

I'm not usually a fan of soaps but these are great for sensitive or dry skin.

Love the peaches and cream. It is so delicate. Will certainly be purchasing more.


Love this soap so much bought some for family member in USA

Peaches and Cream Soap and Face Cream

My absolute favourite smells is amazing I have used both soap and face cream for the last few months, and my skin is improving and hasn't reacted like it sometimes does when using new products.

The Best

This soap is the best I have ever used, 5 stars, the texture, the fragrance, the moisturising of it on the skin, really glad to have discovered it. Ive stopped buying face cleansers because this soap gently and effectively cleanses and nourishes, it will safely and gently remove makeup. My skin loves it, and everybody else who comes to my house and tries it falls in love with it too. I highly recommend it.

Love these soaps on a rope

I hang these in our showers and my whole family loves them. They make the bathroom smell great and you get to use a variety of soaps. Plus they look really cool and keep everything organized. They also make great gifts for loved ones. I have ordered these on a regular basis and will continue to do so.

My son uses this soap and really likes it and helps with the skin and achne

My son is using the kawakawa kelp and comfrey as an all over face and body and he is liking it and helping with his skin

This smells so yummy and its great on my sensitive skin๐Ÿฅฐ

For my face

I use this one on my face and it has helped clear up my acne and dry skin. Looove ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

This is by far my fave โค๏ธ Love it thanks guys !

Love your soaps, longlasting, moisturizing and gentle on the skin, great service and thanks for the free ones.

This soap is wonderful as I have problems with psoriasis and eczema I am using it top to toe with no issues. Its very soothing and moisturizing.

Rose and Camomile soap

Just starting to really appreciate this soap. I really love it .๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much. Will buy it again.

Fabulous present, thanks again :)

Coconut Ice

A very well received gift, thank you Parry Soaps :)

Lovely Products: Great Service! โœŠ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š

I ordered the Kawakawa Balm & Peony & Patchouli Soap... Both are delightful products: really love the luxurious feel of the balm; even received a free 'Scandalous' soap which I haven't used yet, but smells amazing. Thank You Parry's!

Love it. I use it as a shaving soap and it is very refreshing.

Kawakawa balm

This is such a lovely product! I would recommend it to anyone as its so versatile. I use it on my hands where I have quite bad eczema and find ut very soothing.

Lovely soap.

Lovely soap.

Lovely soap.

Lovely soap.

Beautiful soap

Love this soap. Gentle on skin and now the only soap I buy. Fantastic service too.